What is this?
Every year Gil organizes a Super Bowl "pool" or "squares" game. This is a website to streamline the "picking squares" process.

What is a Super Bowl pool?
A game of chance. See the Rules page.

How do I enter?
Head back to the main Pool page and click on an available square. You'll be asked to enter your name and give either a phone number or email address (you may give both). You should then contact Gil (see Contact page) to arrange payment.

Can I buy multiple squares.
Yes, you can buy as many squares you want. Squares are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Can I get rid of a square I've claimed?
Not with this website. Please contact Gil if you've already selected a square and wish to change your selection or withdraw altogether.

I'm having problems with this website.
You may contact Gil to pick squares by phone. You should also let Carlos know of any website issues - we might be able to fix them.